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Flooz Wallet is a safe, humanized, easy-to-use crypto wallet to manage your coins and your NFTs on all popular chains


Activities, humanized

All your wallet activities in a readable format. Forget long numbers and letters to understand, we will do the hard work for you. No more jargon!

Buy and Swap instantly

Buy with Apple Pay and Google Pay, swap on ETH, Polygon and BSC. Tap tap go. Fast!

Skyscanner, for crypto

We're scanning multiple providers to get you the best offer when buying Crypto Coins/Tokens with USD, Euro, GBP and more in our wallet. Swift!

Send crypto to Frens

No more fear of typos when you send crypto - just send to a friend on your list of contacts. Breezy!

Secured by Sigma Prime

Your funds are in good hands, we’ve been audited by Sigma Prime, the auditor behind the @ethereum foundation. We got you!

Set it up in seconds

Install Flooz Wallet for iOS or Android today and receive a Free NFT when signing up